Do you provide other services than what's listed?
Yes and safety is always an issue. French and Russian as well as Rimming and Squirting lessons are my specialty. Greek lessons:  it actually depends on the Stallion, and although I am a fine looking filly over sized Stallions cannot go to Greece unless I am comfortable and have seen you before . I also offer bi duo sessions and the women on my partner page are ALL BI. I also offer Sensual Dom/Humiliation/Strap on Play,Prostrate massage, etc etc.....I am very diverse! Just email me with what you desire!

What are your hours or prime time of the day?
I am not an early morning person LOL. I usually offer service between 11am-midnight. Night's are my prime time for gushing!

What if I am new and have no references?
I will not automatically refuse to see you if you don't have references. I do have other means to verify you for both of our safety. This will require me verifying some personal information- most of which is on my contacts page. I don't keep that information; it is handled very discreetly and is quite painless. Also, if I am going this route, I prefer to communicate via email a few times, or phone to get a feel for you. If you are uncomfortable with this process, I apologize, but will not be able to see you. I make every concession possible for us to have a relaxed encounter and enjoy ourselves, but I can't relax if I'm not secure with our visit.

What type of reference information do you require?
My preferred method of reference is to have a solid reference from an established provider. What I mean by established is that she has a credible source that I can check out. A website, reviews on a reputable review board, or I know her or of her work. When providing reference information, please include either a number, or email address, approximately when you saw her, and ANYTHING that will jog her memory about your encounter. What did you talk about? Did you bring her a special item? Where did you see her? Please keep in mind that ladies get busy sometimes and it may take awhile to verify references. Most ladies are fantastic about making them a priority to respond too, but it very well could take hours to a day or two.

What are the no-nos during initial contact?
When you contact me either via phone or email, please have your homework done first! Do not call asking me about rates, services or what to expect. If you have read this site in it's entirety, there is no need to ask such questions. The boards also tell you how to go about proper etiquette. If you ask me explicit questions, our conversation will end abruptly and I will block your calls and emails. Remember, exchanging sex for money is illegal; I am booking Time and Companionship only. We don't need any issues to arise because of improper etiquette (if you know what I mean).

Methods for the donation?
I have only one way you can pay. Cash: Please leave your donation in a visible place. Do not hand it to me, I will not take it from you.

What do you expect of me with our time together?
1. Please, please, please be clean! I am big on hygiene and expect the same of you. If you just got off work, or sat in a hot car for a while to get to me, I do have a shower available for you to use and you are encouraged to use it. If you would like me to join you, just say so. It can be fun! I also love to take a shower upon request AFTER our appt if you request it...I do value your privacy so you must request this in advance.
2. I expect you to be respectful. Know my boundaries and respect them! I have very few NO's, but they are just that! NO's are not open for negotiation. NO's are NO BROWN SHOWERS OR GOLDEN SHOWERS and that's about it.  If you do NOT like french kissing then please do not contact me (I LOVE Deep French Kissing) 

3. I expect the donation to be given up at the end of our session. Please read more about that in it's own FAQ section.
4. Respect our scheduled time! I'm not one for sitting there watching the clock, but I do have a personal life and do have places to be, things to do, just like you.
5. Be on time! I won't penalize you for being up to 15 minutes late, but please be courteous and let me know in advance. I will reciprocate that same courtesy to you. I am aware we live in the traffic from hell capital and things happen, just keep me posted.
6*** Please be well shaved on your facial hair...I have a sensitivity to razor stubble... So if when I DFK you and I feel you need to shave I will ask you too very politely, Go tees are not an issue I actually think they are very sexy!
7. And most important of all you must have fun and enjoy yourself!!

Is your donation negotiable?
Absolutely not... I do run specials from time to time. However these may be in a variety of places including local review boards/links.

Are you available for travel?
Absolutely! I love to get up and go!
Of course I would also need to know beforehand in order to work out the details ahead of time. Feel free to email or discuss with me any questions you may have regarding travel.
Cities I frequently visit during the summer /Spring are:
Chicago, Ft Wayne, DC, Philly, Long Island, Orlando, Tampa, Savannah, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Raleigh, Richmond and Virginia Beach
Occasionally I go through Ohio as well.

Do you offer incall?

Yes with advance notice at least 2 hrs in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions