Here you will find what I would like to have from you as a gift. That is only if you feel that urge to get me something
(Not necessary-but welcomed).
I'm the kind of girl who appreciates:

Gift Cards (Spas, Amazon and  Travel)

My Toy website:
Also Toys/DVD�s and Novelties are always welcomed! My toy website (have a partner) has some great prices compared to local shops in Florida! You will pay a lot more in the adult toyshops. Trust me I�ve seen the prices here in Florida and was amazed at how expensive they are!
You have two choices:
1)   You can order them directly through the website with free shipping and have them delivered to who ever you would like (another friend) with complete discretion and your CC statement would read: EFFEX MEDIA.

       2)   Or if you would like to buy me a gift for your & my pleasure then you can order the product or item through me. Much bigger and better discount off the retail price/sale price listed (except Clearance items). Then I have them delivered personally to my place! You can then pay cash for the item/s when you see me. You need to give me the name of the toy/lingerie as well as the item number. Then you are good to gogo with JoJo!



Gifts / wishes